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At pitchseed we help investors with finding exciting and global pre-seed ventures and the very best talent and offer various ways to invest


Invest in Talent

Find great talent and invest in the best people

Custom Investments

Invest in one opportunity or build a portfolio

Global Reach

Diversify your interests with Global projects

Ways to invest

Over the last 5 years the investment world has changed drastically and there are now lots of ways for businesses to raise the capital needed to grow from seed to success, the traditional capital raise has been disrupted by the rise of Crowdfunding both reward and equity and the emergence more recently of ICOs which have for the first time in 2018 raised more than traditional venture capital, a trend likely to continue.

These new forms of funding combined with the raising of finance through friends and family, angel investors and venture capitalists and their well backed firms has opened new ventures up to multitude of ways to fund their product launch whether its a service based start-up, software or product based and focused on business to business or business to customer and means dealflow for investors is becoming a bigger issue.

At pitchseed we offer investors great opportunities and consistent dealflow to invest in new and exciting ventures across an agnostic range of sectors and industries. All of the businesses in our portfolio have a Global vision with scalable business plans and pitchdecks and are in sectors with large anticipated growth across the next decade, added to this are the very best applicants and teams selected globally to invest in.

With many different business types and covering many different industries our Investors at pitchseed can be selective when choosing their investments and have a clear look into all the needed information before committing as all business plans, pitchdecks, company information and teams etc will be available to view with full transparency giving keen investors the ability to build a portfolio of Global interests.

What we are looking for

Smart Money

Investors who bring more to the table than capital and come with an active interest and experience in guiding their investments forward are crucial

Global Vision

Seeing a Global and scale-able vision to projects invested in is important as our startups are perfect to launch in different regions

Future Growth

Having an eye on the future and trust in the potential for growth across a wide range of sectors and industries and emerging markets

businesses in the making

New Jobs

“The greatest gift we can give is helping others grow. ”

Ben Harding – CEO

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